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Bleszinski wants to fix Resident Evil

Gears of War designer publicly proposes a collaboration with Capcom for survival horror series

Former Epic Games lead designer Cliff Bleszinksi could be interested in breathing new life into Capcom's Resident Evil series. Over the weekend, the developer posted as much on his Twitter account, saying, "Hey, Capcom. Call me. We can fix Resident Evil. Together. :-)"

While Capcom may debate just how much the series needs fixing, this month's debut of Resident Evil 6 showed mixed indicators of success. The publisher sent 4.5 million copies to retailers for launch, the largest initial shipment in company history. However, the game received mediocre review scores, and failed to claim the top spot on the UK charts in its debut, coming in second to EA's FIFA 13.

Bleszinski is well familiar with Capcom's survival horror series. In the past he has cited Resident Evil 4 as one of two primary inspirations for the original Gears of War (along with kill.switch), saying he learned from the game's over-the-shoulder camera angle and narrative intensity while designing the Xbox 360 shooter for Microsoft.

Conveniently, Bleszinski may have a bit more time for collaborations these days. Earlier this month, the developer ended his 20-year stint at Epic Games, saying it was time "for a much needed break."

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