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Wii U "easier" to develop for, says Vigil designer

Vigil lead designer Haydn Dalton talks about porting Darksiders II to Wii U

According to Vigil lead designer Haydn Dalton, porting Darksiders II to the Nintendo Wii U has been "surprisingly easy". Dalton spoke to Gamezone about Vigil's work on the port itself.

"Technically, it's one of the easier platforms to develop for," Dalton told Gamezone. "We had our core game up and running on it in a very short amount of time. There were no major problems for us developing the Wii U version, other than making sure we had a dedicated team to do it justice. For a new platform, it was surprisingly easy to port it to the Wii U."

Dalton explained that THQ's Montreal team has been doing the grunt work on the port itself.

"Initially, the base code port was tackled by our internal tech team, but as Darksiders II started to ramp up heavily, we handed ownership over to a separate team at THQ Montreal," Dalton said. "The Montreal team sent us regular updates and documentation about how they were going to implement the unique elements of the Wii U's hardware."

Darksiders II is a launch title for the Wii U, with a release date of November 18, 2012.

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