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EA admits that Medal of Honor: Warfighter disappointed

Sales failed to meet expectations for the newest EA shooter

Electronic Arts, in a financial earnings call following its Q2 results, noted that Medal of Honor: Warfighter didn't sell as well as hoped. EA CEO John Riccitiello acknowledged that the game simply came in below expectations. This comes shortly after Cowen and Company analyst Doug Creutz said that the newest Medal of Honor was "likely to be a major disappointment."

EA did not state what level of sales Medal of Honor actually saw, but the company did say the "weaker than expected performance" is going to affect the company's third-quarter results.

EA Labels president Frank Gibeau also noted that EA "takes quality very seriously" and the company was not pleased with critics, saying that EA's own internal testing led them to think that Warfighter was much better than the reception it got from critics. Despite the disappointing performance, the publisher believes that Medal of Honor remains a "good game with a receptive audience" and EA fully intends to support the game with marketing, DLC and more through the holidays.

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