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Big Fish launches free-to-play on PC and Mac

Big Fish Casino is the first offering in the company's F2P drive

Online gaming marketplace Big Fish has announced the launch of free-to-play games on its PC and Mac app store. These will be available in-browser or as a download on PC or Mac, augmenting Big Fish's existing catalog of 3000 casual games. The first free-to-play title being offered is Big Fish Casino, one of the top-grossing iPad and iPhone games in 2012 to date.

"F2P games are increasingly popular with gamers who have been introduced to digital games over the past few years via the rapid growth of social and mobile platforms. It is a natural extension to both our PC/Mac app store and to our mobile publishing business," said Big Fish CEO Paul Thelen.

This free-to-play push joins Big Fish's extensive portfolio of games on PC, Mac, and mobile, including the cloud-based Big Fish Unlimited platform. In the next year, the company plans to launch more premium free-to-play titles on its PC and Mac app store each month. Big Fish is also investing heavily to grow its free-to-play business into a "hyper-growth business" in 2013.

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