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Resident Evil 6 patch breaks PS3 downloadable edition

Capcom confirms issue with Euro PSN version of game, suggests workaround

The Resident Evil 6 launch has been marked by setbacks, first critical ones and now technical. Capcom has confirmed to IGN that a day-one patch has rendered the game unplayable for some who downloaded it from the European PlayStation Store.

When affected users try to launch Resident Evil 6, they are told that there is a problem with the copyright protection information and the game refuses to run. Capcom has suggested a workaround, telling those who downloaded the game to uninstall it and redownload it. Once that process is complete, the game will no longer attempt to download the patch. However, this will prevent players of the downloaded version from playing against those who have a disc copy of the game. They also will be unable to use, the game's online stat-tracking component.

Capcom has promised a patch to fix these issues is "imminent," but gave no specifics beyond that.

Resident Evil 6 launched yesterday worldwide on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The PC version is set for release sometime in 2013.

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