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Adult site welcomes Explorer on Xbox

YouPorn tells users to sign up for beta, Microsoft points to parental controls

Adult site YouPorn is making the most of the upcoming addition of Internet Explorer to the Xbox 360, pointing out the update will allow users to access its services through their console.

"Gamers and free porn lovers around the world rejoice! Thanks at long last to the introduction of Internet Explorer for XBox, you can now tap in to and stream all your favourite free YouPorn videos right from your XBox."

" Whether you're pwning n00bs in CoD: Modern Warfare 3, annihilating Bullymong in Borderlands 2, or taking the Saints deep in Madden NFL 13, you're never more than a few simple controller clicks away from being face deep in hot free porn."

It even suggests users invest in a wireless USB keyboard for quicker access.

While the post is a little misleading, the Internet Explorer update will allow all web services to be accessed through the Xbox 360, from Twilight fan fiction to Wikipedia, it does highlight a potential issue for Microsoft, who have recently positioned the console as a family-friendly entertainment system.

"To be clear, we are adding Internet Explorer to Xbox Live, not specific adult content providers like YouPorn or any other specific website content," Microsoft told Kotaku.

"Additionally, we give members and parents the option to turn this feature on or off for their accounts. Access to Internet Explorer for all Child accounts is blocked by default."

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