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Verizon brings GameTanium subscription to Android devices

Verizon and Exent add an all-you-can-play subscription for certain Android games

Verizon Wireless has launched Exent's GameTanium, an exclusive subscription service for Android-powered devices on Verizon's network. The service will provide 100 smartphone titles and 50 tablet-enabled games, including Fruit Ninja and World of Goo, for a $5.99 fee per month.

"GameTanium provides our Android customers with unlimited access to more than 100 games at a great value," said Kristi Crum, executive director of marketing, Verizon Wireless. "Working with Exent has enabled us to immerse customers into the mobile gaming frontier and ultimately bring high-quality gaming options powered by 4G LTE."

"We are excited to bring the launch of the GameTanium smartphone and tablet service to Verizon Wireless' customer base," says Zvi Levgoren, founder and chief executive officer, Exent. "The speed and power of Verizon Wireless' network allows for a rich mobile gaming experience for Verizon Wireless customers to enjoy."

The service can be downloaded from Verizon Apps and provide a free three-day trial. The $5.99 monthly fee activates after the trial and will be added to the customer's monthly Verizon services bill.

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