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Zipline adds funding for Moai crossplatform tools

As more developers jump onboard, Zipline finds $750,000 in additional funding

Zipline Games has acquired new funding to improve and expand its Moai crossplatform framework. According to SEC documents uncovered by Gamasutra, Zipline has secured $750,000 in financing, adding to the 2 million it previously raised.

Moai allows developers to easily build crossplatform games for PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The platform launched with a public beta one year ago, based on the LUA scripting language.

Double Fine is using the Moai framework for its Kickstarter-based adventure game and Harebrained Schemes is developing Shadowrun Returns on Moai. Harebrained recently released Strikefleet Omega, developed for Android and iOS using Moai.

Zipline offers the Moai SDK for free, with an additional paid commercial license.

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