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Neal Stephenson's CLANG Kickstarter hits target

Sword-fighting title makes $500,000 grade in last days

CLANG, the motion-controlled sword fighting game under development at Neal Stephenson's Subutai Corp has hit its Kickstarter fundraising total over the weekend.

The game, which will be the company's first, tipped over the half million dollars required on Saturday and sits at $518,931 at the time of writing, with eight hours left to go.

The appeal was surprisingly close to missing its goal, with Stephenson logging the last of his characteristically humorous fundraising videos from the show floor of CombatCon, a weapon, sci-fi and fantasy convention in Las Vegas.

Subutai hope to make the world's first sword combat game which uses motion control to provide an accurate and complex model of various blade fighting styles, starting with the Medieval longsword. For more information on the project, read out exclusive interview with Stephenson here.

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