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Borderlands 2 for Vita not possible at Gearbox

Gearbox would love for another developer to make Borderlands 2 for Vita

At the Rezzed event, Gearbox Software head Randy Pitchford said he would love it if another developer created a version of Borderlands 2 for PlayStation Vita. Pitchford loved the idea, but said Gearbox was too busy with the game to make the port.

"One of the things I wish Sony would do is get behind Borderlands, because I'd love to see a Vita version of the game," he said, according to Eurogamer.

"Perhaps some of you folks can convince Sony to start that. We're too busy to develop it ourselves. But I know there are a lot of talented developers who could take our code, our source and our content and perhaps create something like that."

Pitchford played up the cloud-based capabilities of a Vita version, allowing PlayStation 3 owners to continue playing their game on the go.

"I want to be able to have the character I'm working on with my PS3, and then when I'm on the road with my Vita I can just keep developing that same character because it exists on the cloud somewhere," he said. "Technologically, that's possible."

Borderlands 2 is scheduled for a September release on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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