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Codemasters, Creative Assembly among Unity Award finalists

Annual awards to be announced at Unite 12 conference in Amsterdam in August

A crop of more than entrants for the Unity Awards has been refined to a handful of finalists across eight separate categories.

The Unity Awards are intended to honour excellence among the users of the ubiquitous game engine. Nominess include the App Store hit CSR Racing, Codemasters' F1 Online: The Game, The Creative Assembly's Total War Battles and Madfinger Games' Shadowgun.

The winners will be announced at Unite 12, on August 23 at Amsterdam's Muziekgebouw concert hall.

The full list of nominees is below:

  • Best Student Project
  • Back to Bed (Team 1UP, DADIU)
  • Hebi  Hanabi (Team Hebi, CMU)
  • Nevermind (Team Nevermind, USC)
  • Pulse (Team Pixel Pi, VFS)
  • Sphere (Team Sphere, Enjmin)
  • Mask of Qi (Team Kronk, VFS)
  • Best Visual Experience
  • Air Mail (Nfusion)
  • Beat Sneak Bandit (Simogo)
  • CSR Racing (Boss Alien)
  • Dead Trigger (Madfinger Games)
  • Escape Plan (FunBits)
  • Inferno+ (Radiangames)
  • Best Technical Achievement
  • CSR Racing (Boss Alien)
  • Dead Trigger (Madfinger Games)
  • Escape Plan (FunBits)
  • Man vs Machine (MuchDifferent)
  • Nevermind (Team Nevermind, USC)
  • Slingshot Racing (Snowbolt Interactive)
  • Best Gameplay
  • Air Mail (Nfusion)
  • Beat Sneak Bandit (Simogo)
  • Cubemen (3 Sprockets)
  • F1 Online: The Game (Codemasters Studios)
  • Super Crossfire (Radiangames)
  • Total War Battles (The Creative Assembly
  • Best Non-game
  • Bats: Flurry Fliers of the Night (Story Worldwide & Bookerella)
  • Chora Museum (MTM Holography)
  • inSun (Digi Plan)
  • Protecting the Secret (Second Story Interactive)
  • Stereoscopic 3D Teaching Aid: East Sussex County Council (Makemedia)
  • The Thrill Electric (Littleloud & Hat Trick Digital)
  • Best Serious Game
  • 3D Virtual Campus Tours Platform (Designing Digitally)
  • Air Marshalling Serious Game (Designing Digitally)
  • Building Site Safety Game (Transformed)
  • Crystal Island: Lost Investigation (IntelliMedia Group, Department of Computer Science, North Carolina State University)
  • Jarrow and Wearmouth: Historical Virtual Environment (Makemedia)
  • Powers of Minus Ten (Green-Eye Visualization, Laura Lynn Gonzalez)
  • Golden Cube
  • Air Mail (Nfusion)
  • Escape Plan (FunBits)
  • F1 Online: The Game (Codemasters Studios)
  • Shadowgun (Madfinger Games)
  • Super Crossfire (Radiangames)
  • Total War Battles (The Creative Assembly)
  • Community Choice
  • Blood & Glory (Glu)
  • CSR Racing (Boss Alien)
  • Dead Trigger (Madfinger Games)
  • F1 Online: The Game (Codemasters Studios)
  • I AM Playr (We R Interactive)
  • Muffin Knight (Angry Mob Games)
  • Road Warrior: Multiplayer Racing (Mobjoy Games)
  • Ski Safari (Defiant Development)
  • Subway Surfers (Sybo Games)
  • Triple Town (Spry Fox)

Unite 12 takes place from August 22 to 24, with a Training Day immediately before on August 21. The conference will feature keynote addresses from the Unity Technologies' co-founders and the legendary game designers Peter Molyneux and Brain Fargo.

To vote for the Community Choice award, follow the link. For more information on Unite 12 and the awards, click here.

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