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THQ cuts non-development team by 20 employees

President Rubin makes some cuts to streamline THQ

According to an internal THQ email leaked by 3D Realms co-founder George Broussard, THQ is cutting around 20 employees in the publisher's Marketing and Production team. A THQ representative confirmed the veracity of the email to Polygon. The cuts are all coming from within the publisher's headquarters in Agoura Hills, California.

"The worst part of restructuring is clearly the restructuring. As you know, it is my vision for THQ to enter into new markets though new distribution methodologies, and reaching those consumers in those markets will take a different approach to marketing," memo from incoming president Jason Rubin begins.

"In our quest to make these changes, I have been looking at the Marketing and Production structure at HQ along with the heads of those departments, Rich Williams and Ron Moravek. We have identified changes that need to be made and thus today we reduced the size of these departments by about 20 individuals."

"It is worth pointing out that none of the development teams are affected, and we do not anticipate the reduction to have any impact whatsoever on the titles in production or the future scale of our output. It is also quite likely that in the long run the company will hire new individuals with different skill sets in their stead. This represents a shift of resources from oversight to production, and from centralization out to the teams," Rubin added.

Rubin also added that Volition would probably be adding an equal number of development staff within the next year.

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