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PlayStation Mobile adds Asus and Wikipad as partners

Sony expands the certified devices for PlayStation Mobile. UPDATE: added comments from Wikipad

At its Gamescom 2012 press conference, Sony offered more details on the PlayStation Mobile platform. PlayStation Mobile ties your PlayStation-Certified devices together via your PlayStation Network ID, offering a cross-platform pick-up-and-play experience. The entire service is supported by the PlayStation Store and recognizable titles shown in the demo reel included Lemmings and Super Crate Box.

Sony has announced that two more hardware partners will be brining PlayStation-Certified devices to life: Asus and Wikipad. No specific hardware devices were announced from either company.

Update: Wikipad chief executive James Bower has now commented, "Wikipad is the first true video game tablet built with an attachable gamepad controller that enables a mobile console experience. As we head into our upcoming launch we are partnering with the industry's leading players. PlayStation's commitment to delivering innovative entertainment experiences that captivate gamers is unparalleled and we are thrilled to partner with them."

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