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Rebellion files lawsuit against Stardock and Ironclad Games

Claims Sins of a Solar Empire expansion infringes trademark

UK developer Rebellion has sued Stardock Entertainment and Ironclad Games over the subtitle on their latest expansion pack, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion.

Gamasutra reports that Rebellion is suing for trademark infringement on the basis that the subtitle could cause gamers to become confused and associate it with its studio. Rebellion also said it tried to send a cease and desist letter to Ironclad in April, but this was ignored.

Stardock probably already has its lawyers on speed dial, earlier this week it filed a lawsuit against former marketing manager Alexandra Miseta. It claims she was responsible for Elemental: War of Magic's poor reception, which she caused by destroying promotional materials.

Rebellion was founded in 1991, and some of its recent releases include NeverDead and Sniper Elite V2.

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