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Sony's Hirai puts Vita sales near expectations

Sony's CEO won't admit if Vita sales are lagging behind

Despite the PlayStation Vita's sales tanking worldwide, Sony chief executive officer Kaz Hirai said that the numbers are in line with the company's expectations.

"Worldwide, the Vita is pretty much along where we would expect it to be, maybe trending behind in certain territories," Hirai told Reuters at the IFA trade show.

Hirai compared the Vita's current sales to early sales of the PlayStation 3 console.

"Back in 2006-2007 people were saying PlayStation 3 is not happening, it's dead, but today it's a great platform, contributes bottom line to us. You need to look back 5, 10 years for these platforms to tell whether they are successful," Hirai said.

Hirai's comments on Vita echo those of SCEA boss Jack Tretton who told GamesIndustry International recently that the number of Vitas sold to date has been "acceptable" and that he feels much better about Vita's prospects now than he did several months ago.

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