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Indie Megabooth returns to PAX Prime

Klei, Vlambeer, Spry Fox, Capy, and more bind together to raise the profile of indie games

This year the Indie Megabooth will return to PAX Prime with 30 developers in tow. The website for the collective indie game booth at the event has gone up and participating developers include Capy, Gaijin Games, Klei Entertainment, Carbon Games, Dejobaan Games, and Strange Loop Games.

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Together, the group of developers has found a significant space on the expo show floor, larger than the similar space they occupied at PAX East this year. The full list of developers chipping in includes:

  • 17-BIT
  • 24 Caret Games
  • Antichamber
  • Arcen Games
  • Blendo Games
  • Blue Manchu
  • Broken Rules
  • Capy
  • Carbon Games
  • Data Realms
  • Dejobaan Games, LLC
  • DrinkBox Studios
  • Eyebrow Interactive
  • Fire Hose Games
  • Gaijin Games
  • Gaslamp Games Inc.
  • Klei Entertainment
  • Misfits Attic
  • Muteki Corporation
  • Pixelscopic Pocketwatch
  • Games Primer Labs
  • Radial Games
  • Retro Affect
  • Ska Studios
  • Spry Fox
  • Strange Loop Games
  • Two Tribes
  • Vlambeer
  • Young Horses

If you're attending PAX Prime this year, from August 31 to September 2, you can check out the Indie Megabooth's showcase of more than 30 amazing titles.

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