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EA's Moore: Games are becoming "365 days a year" experiences

Peter Moore understands if you're afraid of games heading in a different direction

As we discuss downloadable content here on GamesIndustry, Electronic Arts chief operating officer Peter Moore is making his case for the shift in current development practices. In an interview with Eurogamer, Moore believes some of the backlash against DLC is from those who played games in the PlayStation 2 era and earlier.

"I think people are worried gaming is going in a different direction than they were used to with N64, Sega Mega Drive, PlayStation and PlayStation 2. Everything was dominated by consoles. Pretty much everything was offline. You bought the game. You sat down. And you played the game until you got tired of the game. It was all on the disc," said Moore.

"Games are turning into 365 days a year live operation experiences," Moore said. "And rightly or wrongly we think it's our job to provide reasons every day to go play that game and enjoy that game. Technology is enabling that. Hardware is enabling that. Different game experiences like open world experiences are enabling that, and we're trying to react to what we believe is what gamers want."

Moore contends that even older titles without an online focus still provide quality entertainment.

"Right now I bet you can get FIFA 12 for £20. And you can, without going online, play for years. You don't need to interact with anybody. You don't need to go online. There are still those great experiences," Moore added.

"The good news is you can still do that. There are still plenty of great games, we're making them, everyone else is making them, where you buy it for £40 day one, you can play hundreds of hours and you don't have to go online and play. But the vast majority of people do, and are certainly connected. And then if you go multiplayer, I like to think most games that enhances the experience. But there are some guys who just want things never to change."

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