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First PS4 pre-order pages appear - guide price £399

EB Games, ShopTo and GAME get in gear early for Holiday 2013 release

Pre-order pages for PlayStation 4 have already started appearing - just moments after the end of the Sony conference announcing the device in New York.

Both online retailer ShopTo and UK high-street chain GAME have opened reservations for the new console, which is due to hit shelves in Holiday 2013. GAME has offered no price guidance as yet, opting for a £20 deposit, but ShopTo has opted for a price of £399.85, although it should be noted that this figure is an "11 per cent discount" from a full price of £449.99.

US retailer EB Games has also added the PS4 to order systems, offering reservations at $50 a piece. Super-retailer Amazon has a page with PS4 details and an option for email alerts when it becomes available, but no price.

No particular model options are offered by either site, nor has any specific street date.

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