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Outspark sells Fiesta license and team to Gamigo

Pioneering US free-to-play company down to a small group of employees, may choose to close

The pioneering US free-to-play company Outspark has ceased operations on its game portfolio.

According to a post on the company's official website, Outspark's most popular game, Fiesta, has been acquired by the German free-to-play publisher, Gamigo.

However, the post also states that, "all players who have an account for another Outspark game we regret to inform that these games will no longer be operated by Gamigo."

"We've had a great time building up Outspark, and Gamigo will take the combined Fiesta to the next stage and build further onto the pioneering work that has been done by Outspark," said Outspark CEO Philip Yun.

"We are happy to announce that also a substantial part of the team has joined Gamigo, and will work from Gamigo's San Francisco office to manage and support the games."

Speaking to Gamasutra, Yun claimed that Outspark still exists as a company, though a combination of necessary layoffs and the transition of staff to Gamigo has left only a small core group of employees. That team is currently discussing the company's future direction, though Yun admitted that one option was to dissolve the company and selling its remaining assets.

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