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Anuman acquires Tilt and Joystick magazines

French publisher branching out into the written word

French publisher Anuman has decided to branch out into the written word, adding two gaming magazines to its portfolio, which is currently focused on gaming brands like Syberia.

"As players, we are necessarily attached to those two magazines," said CEO Stéphane Longeard.

"In a near future, we are willing to make Joystick and Tilt come alive again under new forms that will remind something to all those who have lived video games through those mythical magazines."

Both magazines are no longer in circulation, Tilt last came out in 1994, and Joystick's last issue was published in November 2012. Anuman took on the responsibility after a judgement from the Paris Commercial Court.

Anuman hasn't yet revealed its plan for the two titles, but has promised to share them in the coming months. While it seems unlikely the publications will return in printed form, Longeard's statement makes some sort of digital or iPad edition seem likely.

Just a few months ago Anuman signed up Flashback creator Paul Cuisset to head up new projects.

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