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Schell: "Fake marketing bullshit isn't going to work anymore"

DICE 2013 Video: Puzzle Clubhouse CEO wants developers to deliver utopia

Jesse Schell, author and CEO of Puzzle Clubhouse, has said that smart marketing can no longer help sales of poorly made video games.

Speaking at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas, he went so far as to say that even good games won't find an audience unless they deliver the absolute best experience for the gamer, as consumers search for perfection.

"Fake marketing bullshit isn't going to work anymore," he said.

"It used to work in terms of getting games sold, but in the world of free-to-play it's not going to work anymore.

"Making a good game isn't good enough anymore. You have to bring people a gateway to the promised land. Nothing less than that is going to work."

The full presentation, in which Schell also highlights the disruptive effect of the iPad on gaming, can be seen below.

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