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Report: Next-gen PlayStation to cost £300

Leaked documents and industry sources suggest lower launch price for new Sony machine

Latest reports suggest that Sony could be planning a retail price of around £300 for its next generation console, making it markedly cheaper than the PlayStation 3 was on launch.

A Times report cited industry sources and "leaked internal documents" and priced the new machine, expected to be revealed on Wednesday, at £300. When the PlayStation 3 first launched in the UK the machine cost £425, so the figure represents a significant saving for the early adopter this time around.

Of course with the big reveal just days away the air is thick with speculation. According to the latest whispers, the new machine will use Gaikai technology for backwards compatibility, will have a touchpad equipped controller and a dual camera set up.

Meanwhile back on PlayStation 3, analyst Michael Pachter told GamesIndustry International he was expecting to see the price of the console drop to just $199 the day after the next generation console is announced.

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