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nDream's Aurora hits 10m visits

Free-to-play title set in Home a success for UK developer

Aurora, a free-to-play game that resides within Sony PlayStation's virtual world Home, has had over 10 million visits since its launch in March 2011.

"We're incredibly proud of Aurora and the players who have helped make this such a successful virtual space," said CEO, Patrick O'Luanaigh.

"We don't shout about ourselves very often, but nDreams continues to grow with a clear focus - to remain one of the leading publishers in PlayStation Home whilst becoming known for exciting and unique tablet games. We're on track to launch a number of tablet based titles this year that we hope will demonstrate our distinctive approach to free-to-play development."

nDreams is still best known for its work in Home, after releasing the console's first alternate reality game Xi back in 2009. It went on to create a number of spaces and games for Home, before launching Aurora in 2011.

"We'd like to publicly thank Sony Computer Entertainment for their continuing support on PlayStation Home, a highly underrated platform with a large, smart and passionate community, and we hope to continue our strong relationship with SCE moving forwards alongside our growth into tablet gaming."

The UK studio was launched in 2006 by O'Luanaigh, who had previously been SCi/Eidos creative director.

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