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Zynga Mobile UK general manager departs

"It's been quite a ride. I wish all the best for the good and talented people who I leave behind."

Matthew Wiggins has confirmed his departure from Zynga Mobile UK, after just over a year and a half with the company.

"For me, the Wonderland Software/Zynga UK adventure has come to an end. Earlier this month I awoke to the exciting realisation that, after almost three and a half years, I had left that chapter behind and could look ahead to the future," he revealed on his personal blog.

"It's been quite a ride. I wish all the best for the good and talented people who I leave behind."

Wiggins was CEO and co-founder of Wonderland Software which was acquired by Zynga in April 2011. His sign off left no definite pointers as to what he might do next, but his enthusiasm suggests he will stay in the tech sector for now.

"I'm still tremendously excited by the revolution in computing that is happening right now. The opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurism are even better now than they were then. And having learned so much from the journey I've just been on, I can't wait to use that knowledge to do new things in the future - and of course learn a whole load more."

In saying goodbye to the Farmville publisher Wiggins becomes yet another name to add to the list of Zynga executives currently leaving the company. Just last week Jonathan Flesher, Zynga's vice president of business development resigned, and CFO Dave Wehner and treasurer Mike Gupta have also recently departed.

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