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Star Citizen crosses $5 million in pledged funding

Chris Robert's space sim nears the finish line

The total funding for Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts' proposed Star Citizen titles has crossed the $5 million mark. As of this writing, the total sits at $5,213,894 with $3,432,355 in funding through the Roberts Space Industries site and $1,781,539 through Kickstarter. The funding drive will be ending November 19 at 1pm Central Time.

Chris Roberts and the Cloud Imperium Games team are currently running a livestream of the final 24 hours of the funding drive. The livestream can be found on the Roberts Space Industries website.

Star Citizen is intended as space sim with single and multiplayer modes in a persistent universe. Roberts and team promise players jobs, a sandbox universe to play in, a deep physics engine, and user-generated content. The CryEngine 3-powered game has a tentative release window of 2014.

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