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Kongregate adds free-to-play downloadable games

The browser gaming service will start having downloadable titles

GameStop's web-based subsidiary Kongregate has added free-to-play downloadable games to its extensive catalog of browser titles. The first titles in the new regime will be Uber Entertainment's Super Monday Night Combat, Kiz Studios' Smashmuck Champions, and Balance Worlds' Bomb Bubbies. More titles will be coming to the web portal in the next few weeks.

“This is a huge evolution forward for Kongregate, our gamers, and game developers,” said Kongregate chief executive officer Jim Greer. “We look forward to applying our expertise around game launch and monetization to our new downloadable games catalog.”

Kongregate will help developers with promotion and monetization of titles, allowing them to reach the service's 15 million unique monthly users. Kongregate titles also have visibility in GameStop retail stores.

“Adding downloadable titles brings a new level of gaming to core players looking for high-definition graphics with more options and content to select from,” said Greer. “For game developers, we want to help them leverage our network of distribution and promotional channels to acquire and retain users, and ultimately monetize those interested in enhancing their gaming experience.”

The launch titles in Kongregate's new offering are available here.

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