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Kickstarter reinforces creator-backer relationship with new rules

Product simulations and renders now forbidden, creators must include breakdown of risks and challenges

The popular crowd-funding website Kickstarter has altered its guidelines to ensure that its users don't confuse it with an online store.

In a post on the site's blog, the Kickstarter team details several changes that will, "reinforce that Kickstarter isn't a store," addressing the widespread concern that many Kickstarter backers believe they are purchasing a finished product rather than funding its creation.

From today, creators will have to address the potential issues that their products will face by answering the question: "What are the risks and challenges this project faces, and what qualifies you to overcome them?" This section will appear directly below the product description.

Other new guidelines include a prohibition on product simulations, limiting creators to demonstrating what can be achieved with the real product at any point in time. Rendered images of the product are also forbidden, with the Kickstarter team offering a general rule of, "under-promise and over-deliver."

For the full breakdown of the new guidelines, click here.

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