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New crowdfunding platform Gambitious launches

"Gambitious is designed specifically for the video game industry"

Gambitious has officially launched today, a new crowdfunding platform that aims to take on Kickstarter with a set up designed specifically for gaming projects.

"Crowdfunding is causing a great seismic shift in how projects get funded, however, there are risks of crash-and-burn due to unfulfilled projects and unfinished games," said CEO Paul Hanraets.

"Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, Gambitious is designed specifically for the video game industry and ups the ante of developer credibility, investor engagement and development cycle understanding."

The company was set by Hanraets, Mastertronic's Andy Payne, and Devolver Digital's Harry Miller and Mike Wilson. Developers need to submit detailed business plans to qualify, but get to keep their IP, and those who fund the projects can receive dividends based on their initial investments.

"It is time to move from the wild, wild, west of crowdfunding to a more professional model," said Wilson.

"Crowdfunding is the best thing to happen to indies since shareware in the 90's and Gambitious is a transformational way of funding the video game market - legitimising, protecting, and maximising the opportunity for all that want a stake in the game."

There are already seven games ready for investment on the platform, and three upcoming projects, from developers like 3D Realms, Fishing Cactus and Red Fly Studio.

"Crowdfunding is a perfect option for this Mushroom Men game as it's not an IP many publishing suits are likely to get, although we think gamers will," explained Kris Taylor, co-founder and lead artist, RedFly Studio.

"It's cool to be part of the first wave of games on Gambitious. Unlike other platforms, Gambitious is run by people who totally get game development and publishing, which makes it a good long term play for us and for the people putting money in." In July Wilson spoke to GamesIndustry International about the future of the platform.

"If it's just $20 or $50 and you just want the game and a few perks, then fine. That's going to be incorporated into Gambitious as well, but for the projects to get bigger and from more established teams, you're going to need a bigger range of investment. You'll need people putting in a few grand, and those people will need to be protected."

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