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Electronic Arts titles preloaded on PlayMG portable

The MG portable gets a little help from EA Mobile

PlayMG Corp and Electronic Arts have announced a partnership to preload select EA Mobile titles on the MD portable system this holiday. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and NBA Jam have been chosen as the games that will be loaded on every shipped MG portable for free. Both titles were chosen to appeal to the 5 to 18 year old demographic.

"It is a testament to the 'more game' mission of MG to have secured a partnership with the world's leading mobile games publisher, making MG a gaming system with access to great premium franchise game titles," said PlayMG founding partner Taylor Cavanah. "We are excited to be able to provide these great EA titles with no set up. Kids open up their MG, and just start playing."

This deal with Electronic Arts is a good step for the company and its fledging portable. In an earlier interview with GamesIndustry International, PlayMG founding partner T. Scott Edwards said that exclusives were coming down the pipeline.

"We hope to work very closely with developers, big and small, to help fuel the redesign of gaming. That will likely include some exclusives in the future," Edwards told us.

The MG is expected to retail for $169, but consumers can pick up the device for cheaper if they support the current KickStarter campaign.

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