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Pachter: Microsoft could delay next Xbox until 2014

Pachter puts Microsoft's next console in spring of 2014

Microsoft and Sony are expected to debut their new consoles late next year, but Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter places the next Xbox all the way back in spring of 2014.

"We have heard no word yet from Microsoft or Sony about their plans to launch new consoles, but both manufacturers are widely expected to launch consoles by year-end 2013, although we believe that Microsoft could delay a new console launch until spring of 2014 in order to accommodate what is certain to be overwhelming demand among hardcore gamers," Pachter said in a research note obtained by CVG.

This speculation dovetails with the thoughts of GameStop CEO Paul Raines. He told Polygon that he expects one console in 2013 and another in 2014.

"This week, I'm getting a lot of rumors that are very interesting about 2013. We have not been expecting two more consoles in 2013. We're expecting Wii U this holiday, another one next year, and another one in '14. These rumors change every week, but we're hearing more about next year," he said.

With both statements taken together, that would put the next PlayStation in 2013 and the next Xbox in 2014. Can Microsoft afford to wait a year?

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