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GaymerCon wins EA support

"EA believes that to be truly innovative, you must be inclusive"

New convention GaymerCon will feature content from publisher EA, after the company has signed on to support the event.

"EA believes that to be truly innovative, you must be inclusive. We are proud to be a part of this event," said Ginger Maseda, head of global diversity and inclusion for EA.

The convention will take place next year, August 3 and 4, in San Francisco. Money for the event was raised on Kickstarter, with 1,531 backers raising $91,389, way over the $25,000 goal.

"EA not only publishes some of the best games in the world, but they're the most progressive company in the industry. We're thrilled and honored to have them involved in GaymerCon," added GaymerCon's Jack DeVries.

EA has spoken out against homophobia in the past, specifically the thousands of letters it received protesting LGBT content in Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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