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CastleMiner Z first Xbox Live Indie Game to sell 1m

DigitalDNA scores with combat-focused twist on Minecraft formula, PC version in the works

Four years after the service debuted, Xbox Live Indie Games has its first million-seller. DigitalDNA Games today announced that CastleMiner Z surpassed the 1 million mark in its first 10 months on sale.

Released on September 11, 2011, CastleMiner Z is a sandbox creation and survival game that draws comparisons to Minecraft. However, the game places more emphasis on first-person shooter gameplay, with DigitalDNA describing it as "a fast paced arcade-style experience that focuses on combat and travel." The game currently sells for $1 (80 Microsoft points), and a PC version has been submitted to Steam's Greenlight process.

DigitalDNA has more than a dozen other offerings on Xbox Live Indie Games, including the original combat-free CastleMiner, Avatar Laser Wars 2, Avatar Paintball, and Avatar Alarm Clock.

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