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Ubisoft open to selling competitors' games

Assassin's Creed publisher plans to add games from other companies to Uplay digital distribution service

Digital distribution makes strange bedfellows. With its Origin online storefront, Electronic Arts is already selling games from competitors like THQ, Sega, and Konami. Now Ubisoft appears ready to follow suit.

Speaking with MCV last week, Ubisoft worldwide online games director Stephanie Perotti said the publisher was interested in offering other companies' titles for sale on its own Uplay digital distribution storefront.

"We remain open to opportunities," Perotti said. "Right now, we're starting the service with our own games, but as we go forward, we plan to potentially add other titles."

While Uplay has existed for years as Ubisoft's cross-game community platform, the publisher added the digital storefront functionality last month. To mark the addition, a handful of the company's back catalog titles were put on sale for $1 each.

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