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Assassin's dev: "We're the last of the dinosaurs"

Creative director Alex Hutchinson suggests "monster triple-A" games are dying out

Ubisoft Montreal creative director Alex Hutchinson has declared Assassin's Creed 3 one of the last big triple-A titles.

"We're the last of the dinosaurs," he said in an interview published by CVG.

"We're still the monster triple-A game with very large teams [and] multiple studios helping out on different bits. There are fewer and fewer of these games being made, especially as the middle has fallen out."

He said both the size of the team and the time they were giving to work on the title was an opportunity that probably wouldn't come around again.

"We really felt like this was a rare opportunity We had an experienced team, who had worked on the franchise for a while; we had the full backing of Ubisoft to make something huge; we had almost three years to do it, which is a rarity these days; the tech and the hardware platforms were both mature, which allowed us to start running instead of building base features; and the installed user base for all platforms is massive.

"Many of these factors are about to change, by choice of circumstance, so a lot of us truly believed this was a once in a career opportunity."

Hutchinson recently caused controversy when he accused games journalists of a "subtle racism" for giving Japanese games an easy ride.

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