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Zynga Japan titles going global

Two role-playing games from Zynga Japan heading around the world

Zynga has decided to adapt two mobile titles from its Japanese division for a worldwide audience. The two games, Montopia and Ayakashi: Ghost Guild, have been out in Japan on iOS and Google Play for around eight months. Zynga has decided to translate the titles from their original Japanese into English, with Chinese and Korean language versions coming soon.

"From baseball cards to the introduction of online card collecting games in the 1990s, collecting is a gameplay mechanic as old as time," said Scott Koenigsberg, General Manager of Games, Zynga. "Montopia and Ayakashi: Ghost Guild are fun, social, and high-quality games that expand our global mobile games portfolio into the RPG category, and we hope our players across the world enjoy playing as much as we do."

"We're very excited about expanding to RPGs and bringing these games to the global market," Koenigsberg told GamesBeat. "Here in the U.S., the RPG market has blossomed recently. It may have been an underserved market here."

Montopia is already available on the App Store and Google Play, while Ayakashi is only listed as "available soon".

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