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Minecraft's Pocket Edition sells 10m

Mojang's title just keeps selling

Mojang has announced that Minecraft - Pocket Edition, which appears on Android and iOS devices, hit its 10 million sales milestone yesterday.

"We are very thankful to all the support that we have gotten and people playing and talking about our game," said Mojang's Daniel Kaplan.

"So...I know what you are thinking. 'Yeah, 10m is cool but where is the next update?' We have been working hard on restructuring the backend of a lot of things for Minecraft - Pocket Edition to make future updates smoother."

The original PC version of the game hit the same milestone on April 4 this year, and its current total is 10,342,337 sales. According to Mojang, 12,825 people bought the PC version in the last 24 hours alone.

In 2012 Mojang and 4J Studios sold more than 15 million downloads of the game across PC, mobile and XBLA.

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