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Machinima fastest downloaded Xbox 360 app in past year

Machinima's worldwide launch sped up adoption of its 360 app

Machinima announced at the end of April that its Xbox 360 app would be launched worldwide, making it available on every Xbox 360 console. Today, the streaming service has announced that its app is the one of the fastest downloaded Xbox apps in the last 12 months

"We worked with Machinima in the past to launch the digital series "Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn," and knew that they would be an ideal partner for the release of our first global app," said Microsoft's director of Xbox programming Larry Hryb. "The sheer volume of downloads is a great milestone that demonstrates the popularity of Machinima among Xbox owners."

"We are excited to be the first global app on Xbox 360. The overwhelmingly positive response from the consumers validates the true worldwide power of the Machinima audience and brand," said Machinima chief executive officer Allen DeBevoise. "We know our audience watches video on Xbox. Developing the Machinima app makes it easier for them to watch, engage with, and share our content."

The Machinima app features full access to all Machinima programming and exclusive content for the Xbox 360.

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