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Fireproof: an alternative route to iOS success

GameHorizon Live: Barry Meade of developer Fireproof Games on the stubborn rise of the team behind The Room

After setting up as an art outsourcing company, Fireproof established its own internal development team to create the BAFTA award-winning puzzle game The Room, released to high critical acclaim alongside sales to match.

In this exclusive session from GameHorizon, co-founder Barry Meade argues that although the market for iOS games is tough, it doesn't mean a developer has to compromise his original design to get a game in front of a welcoming audience.

"We didn't just want to update somebody else's game," Meade says. "We didn't just want to add to a genre… If you're just doing that, you don't deserve success… These people are discerning. You should treat your audience with respect. You should try and do something new."

The Room has now sold more than 2 million units to a wide range of audience demographics - 44 per cent of players were women, and around two-thirds were over the age of 35.


Barry is a founding member and commercial director of Fireproof Studios, creators of acclaimed iOS game The Room. Before establishing the studio, Barry began his career working on titles for the SNES, Amiga and PC. In 2004 he joined Criterion and worked on Black and multiple Burnout titles. He has also worked at studios including Bullfrog, Acclaim Teeside, Negative Productions and Mucky Foot.

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