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Hirai: Why go first with next-gen?

Sony president is waiting for Microsoft to make the first move

Kazui Hirai, Sony CEO and president, had suggested that the company won't release its next generation console until Microsoft has revealed its new machine.

"Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?" He made the comment during an interview with The Times.

Fans and press had been hopeful that both machines would be announced this year, possibly at E3 in June, but Hirai's words make that seem unlikely.

In the interview Hirai also spoke about the hard line he had taken when dealing with the tensions within the Japanese corporation.

"When I took the job back in April, with the exception of two senior management folks . . . everybody was either moved out, with new people moved in, or reassigned."

"Where I come from, either you play under my rules or you're not playing. That's why reassignments happen. Everybody plays nicely together now because they all understand what the rules are."

This week a website reported it had the full specs for Microsoft's next console, and you can find Digital Foundry's analysis of the information here.

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