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GameStick adds support for Green Throttle Games' analog controller

The controller-console will support another Bluetooth controller

PlayJam has announced the controller-console GameStick will support Green Throttle Games' Atlas Bluetooth controller. The GameStick Kickstarter has already passed its funding goal of $100,000 with a current total of $314,818 as of this writing. The proposed GameStick can run four Bluetooth controllers simultaneously.

The Green Throttle Atlas controller.

The chief executive officer of Green Throttle Games, Charles Huang, is also an advisor to PlayJam and previously co-created the defunct music franchise Guitar Hero.

"Soon, games will be distinguished by the only two things that matter to 90% of game developers. One is screen size - phone vs tablet vs TV. The other is play mechanic - touch screen, game pad, camera, etc." said Huang. "PlayJam is an innovator in gaming on TV through Smart TVs and their upcoming GameStick. When you add this to our analog Green Throttle Atlas controller, any Android game developer can now become a 'console' developer and bring their game to new audiences of TV gamers."

"2013 promises to be truly exciting and defining with a wide range of Android-powered devices targeted at the TV due to launch in the coming months such as Ouya, Nvidia´s Shield and of course GameStick," said PlayJam CEO Jasper Smith. "By working openly and in collaboration with other visionaries in this space such as Charles Huang of Green Throttle Games, we hope to support mass-market user adoption at the most affordable price point possible. At $79, we think we have achieved this."

[Atlas image via Gizmag]

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