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GCW-Zero joins fleet of new gaming hardware on Kickstarter

Open-source handheld using Linux to run classic PC and homebrew titles

A new open source gaming handheld project called GCW-Zero has joined the wealth of new technologies emerging from Kickstarter, aiming at a target of $130,000.

The device runs Linux and is focused on the homebrew and retro scenes, with the appeal's video showing the device playing versions of PC classics like Doom, Commander Keen and Descent.

"We live in a technological era where it is possible to place powerful gaming hardware that exceeds yesterday's PCs in the palm of your hand," reads the campaign page.

"Tablets and smart phones are just one example of this. Their touch screens have already revolutionized casual, portable gaming. However, many gamers would agree that they are in their true natural habitat when in direct control of that experience with physical buttons and a real d-pad or authentic analog control. The world just needed these two ideas combined into one package for the gaming community."

The Zero is ready to go into production now, with the Kickstarter funds intended to facilitate small batch manufacturing. 40 of the devices are already on their way to customers.

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