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Samsung Galaxy S III crosses 40 million units

The entire Galaxy lineup pushes Samsung - and Android - forward

Samsung Electronics recently announced that its flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S III, has sold over 40 million units since its launch in Summer 2012. The company says the phone currently has average daily sales of 190,000 units.

The entire Galaxy S product line has sold 100 million units for Samsung. The Galaxy S III's predecessor, the Galaxy S II, hit sales of over 40 million units in 20 months on the market.

In contrast, demand for Apple's iPhone 5 may be lower than previous models, according to reports from the Wall Street Journal, Nikkei, and the New York Times. All three outlets cite Apple's cutbacks on screen orders for the latest iPhone. The news has sent Apple's stock tumbling down to a closing price of $485.92 today, down 3.15 percent. The company is expected to share official earnings numbers on January 23.

Research firm Strategy Analytics expects that this will be the year of Samsung ascendant, with estimates of 320 million Samsung smartphones shipped in 2013 versus 180 million iPhones. Kiwoon Securities analyst Kim Sung-in told Reuters that he expects the number of Samsung phones sold to reach 320 million, with tablet sales doubling to 32 million units.

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