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Report: Eight women join gender discrimination lawsuit against PlayStation

A plaintiff told Axios that "I believe Sony is not equipped to appropriately handle toxic environments"

Eight women have joined the gender discrimination lawsuit that alleges sexism at PlayStation, originally filed back in November 2021.

As reported by Axios, the plaintiffs, whom comprise of current and former staff, have described a series workplace misconduct across multiple US-based offices.

The allegations include unwelcomed advances, difficulties getting promoted, and a lack of attention to their work.

A former employee told the publication that during a session when promotions were being considered, nearly 70 men were up for advancement whereas only four women staffers were in consideration.

In her statement another plaintiff said that "I believe Sony is not equipped to appropriately handle toxic environments."

The former program manger explained that 10 women had left her office within four months prior to her exit.

This news follows after Sony requested that the gender discrimination lawsuit be dismissed last month.

The plaintiff said in November that Sony allegedly doesn't provide the same career advancement opportunities to women as it does men and her employment was terminated after she spoke out about her mistreatment.

The suit also said that it was seeking to obtain class action status so it can represent women who had similar experiences at the gaming giant.

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