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Ontario launches $1 million esports scholarship program

Provincial government offering financial assistance to esports players taking courses for the "design, development, marketing and innovation industry"

Ontario is devoting $1 million for esports scholarships over the next two years, the provincial government announced today.

The financial assistance will go to students in esports programs who are taking courses "related to the game design, development, marketing, and innovation industry that may lead to a career in similar fields."

The first scholarships will be awarded this fall.

"As the first province in Canada to recognize the educational value of esports design and development in this way, we will support students who are building skills that can lead to discoveries, innovation, training opportunities and economic benefits for Ontario," said Ontario Minister of Colleges and Universities Jill Dunlop.

"This investment will help students pursue their passion and prepare for careers in the highly lucrative video game and esports sector, and to develop transferable skills valued by employers across countless industries."

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