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Ikumi Nakamura launches new game studio Unseen

The CEO and creative director said "I want to make a game with characters that reflect real-life personalities and minorities..."

Yesterday former Ghostwire: Tokyo creative director Ikumi Nakamura announced the opening of her game studio, Unseen.

In an interview with IGN, the CEO and creative director said that the Tokyo studio will serve as a hub for a diverse intersection of ideas.

Last year, Nakamura shared that she had left the Ghostwire: Tokyo project for her health and expressed a desire to form her own team to work on original IP.

She told IGN that the Unseen studio will have international employees as well.

"A mix of cultures can be a breeding ground for new ideas, which is the real joy of starting a new studio," Nakamura said.

During her interview she didn't provide information about the studio's first game but did acknowledge that its in the planning stages.

She alluded that the title may likely be based on her own various interests in media and entertainment.

Additionally, Nakamura expressed that she wants to create a title that is both diverse and inclusive.

"I want to make a game with characters that reflect real-life personalities and minorities, with an open-minded setting that represents multiple cultures," Nakamura explained.

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