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Fundraiser closes after 10 days with over 449k contributors

An bundle set up to raise money for Ukrainian aid has closed, with over 449,632 contributors raising over $6.3 million in total.

The bundle, launched on March 8, was assembled by Necrosoft Games director Brandon Sheffield, and featured almost 1000 digital items including games, development assets, comics, soundtracks and more.

All of the proceeds from the bundle are being donated to two charities working to provide assistance to those affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine; International Medical Corps which provides medical assistance, and Voices of Children, an organisation that supports children living through the impacts of war.

Sharing the final figure, Sheffield tweeted: "Thank you all for contributing to this amazing achievement, and may there soon be peace in Ukraine."

Companies across the games industry are continuing to rally and show support to Ukraine; you keep up to date with the latest developments in our ongoing roundup.

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