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Two weeks left to enter the US Best Places To Work Awards

All the details on how it works are here

It's just over two weeks until the final deadline to enter the Best Places To Work Awards US on Friday, April 15th.

The entries for these awards can take a few weeks to compile, so if you want to take part, don't hestitate click here to request your interest. We will be in touch within 24 hours on details of how to enter.

So far more than 50 US games companies are taking part.

For details and a FAQ on how the Best Places To Work Awards US works, click here.

For a detailed rundown on how the judging process works, click here.

Last year's US Awards saw the like of Respawn, Virtuos, Schell Games, Pragma Platform and Iron Galaxy Studios win our coveted 'Best Places' badges. We also handed out special awards to the likes of iam8bit (for corporate social responsibility), Survious (for Health and Wellbeing ) and Hangar 13 boss Haden Blackman was named US Best Boss.

This year's special awards categories include:

- The Corporate Social Responsibility Award
- The Education Award
- The Health and Wellbeing Award
- The Environmental Award
- The US Best Boss

Both the special awards and the badges are judged via a two survey system -- one for the employer to fill in and another for the employees. The results of those surveys determine whether you will receive one of our Best Places To Work badges.

All responses are entirely confidential. Businesses that do not receive a high enough score will not be named.

The Best Places To Work Awards is all about helping to make the games business a better place to work. Those who win will receive our prestigious Best Places badge, while all participating companies will receive their scores back so they can identify areas of improvement.

We also have two paid reports that go into more depth and allow employers to benchmark their scores against similar businesses.

This year's US ceremony will take place digitally and will include a series of talks that will tackle the biggest issues in employment, such as the return to work post-COVID.

Finally, every participant in the US Awards will also receive three free job credits to the Jobs Board.

To take part, click here. You can also submit your boss for consideration for the 'Best Boss' prize by emailing The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 15th.

For more details about the show, check out our Best Places To Work Awards website. For anyone interested in sponsoring the event, contact

Check out last year's US awards right here.

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