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Sony lays off nearly 90 PlayStation sales and marketing staffers

The gaming giant's decision suggests a shift to a direct-to-consumer business model

Today Sony PlayStation has cut nearly 90 staffers within its North American offices, most were among sales and marketing positions.

As reported by Axios, the shift was attributed to a "global transformation" of the platform holder's business operations.

The gaming firm is proceeding to close its merchandiser division, these roles involved representatives going to physical stores to sell PlayStation products and inform staff about them.

The report goes on to note that Sony is likely to focus on a direct-to-consumer marketing as it moves away from retailers and physical game sales.

Axios noted that this decision to cut these roles comes as business for the company has been positive. For the company's previous fiscal year report, revenue was nearly $25 billion.

With regards to games sold, Sony also said that 65% of its sales for the full 12 month period were digital.