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Microsoft: Since ID@Xbox's 2013 launch indie devs have earned $2.5bn

The development program also said that creator royalties and revenues nearly doubled within the last three years

Today Microsoft reported that in the nine years since launching its ID@Xbox developer program, indie game creators have earned more than $2.5 billion.

The gaming firm also said that royalties and total revenue has almost doubled within the past three years for the developers.

Microsoft went on to say that Game Pass license fees has paid developers and publishers hundreds of millions of dollars.

With regards to Game Pass, the company shared that the average subscriber plays 30% more genres and 40% more titles, most of which aren't a part of the program.

In addition, it provided some details to the number of developers who joined ID@Xbox and Game Pass.

"We're proud that more than 4,600 developers from 94 countries worldwide are looking to deliver experiences to players via Xbox, including more than 1,000 creators who signed up to the ID@Xbox program over the last two years," said general manager of content curation and programs Chris Charla.

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