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CD Projekt halts sales to Russia, Belarus

Cyberpunk 2077 and GOG outfit says "commercial entities, when united, have the power to inspire global change…"

CD Projekt Group today announced that it is halting digital and physical sales of its games to Russia and Belarus.

In addition to limiting the availability of its own games like The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077, the Polish company is also halting distribution of games from its GOG storefront to those markets.

"The entire CD Projekt Group stands firm with the people of Ukraine," the company said in explaining the move.

"While we are not a political entity capable of directly influencing state matters, and don't aspire to be one, we do believe that commercial entities, when united, have the power to inspire global change in the hearts and minds of ordinary people.

"We know that players in Russia and Belarus, individuals who have nothing to do with the invasion of Ukraine, will be impacted by this decision, but with this action we wish to further galvanize the global community to speak about what is going on in the heart of Europe."

The deputy prime minister of Ukraine yesterday called on game developers everywhere to block players in Russia and Belarus, and to cancel any esports events planned in the countries.

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